Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the sky to the ground...

Aerial Mind begins as a seed in my head a couple of years ago trying to combine two passions: the art of aerial practice and the background as a clinical psychologist.
On June 8 thanks to inspiring strong women, sensitive men, supportive family members and friends Aerial Mind, LLC., came to fruition.
A venture that intends to grow and provoke as a constant goal.
To grow as an idea; as practice, movement or as an inspiration for others.
To provoke; a thought - a pose in the trapeze or a change of perspective in personal reality.
From the sky to the ground, from the darkness to enlightment, the limits and possibilities are in your mind .
I am encouraging those who feel the need of having a better present, a healthier body and a peaceful mind to join Aerial Mind- a place in the sky or in the earth where you can hopefully realize that the power of changing your whole Self is -and always will be- just yours.