Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aerial Year

To all the aerialists...and aerialist to become this next year...
Keep your mind focus, your heart open and a light spirit.

Best Wishes for 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Solstice , rebirth....and aerial practice.

Many different cultures celebrate around this time the Winter Solstice, meanings vary somewhat from place to place. The most important aspects of it from my perspective are the ideas of gratitude, preparedness, reflection and rebirth.

As we are about to experience Winter solstice tomorrow at 5:47pm, it makes me reflect of the beautiful moments and experiences that I had the chance to live this last couple of weeks, for example, I am working on a Silk act, (not my forte) that in spite of my "mind's instant judgment and label of not being what I do better" I decided to go ahead and immerse myself in the experience for the next weeks, or....actually maybe months.

Two interesting things I see in this new endeavor.
One is that I have no idea abut the time and place of the performance!, so there goes the all mighty planning/ is in a way better. No deadline. How often do we get to "just be" without the idea of goal- in front of us?...So I am definitely happy about that.

Two; is that I have been encouraged by wonderful women , Shana my mentor -and Kendra my current teacher to go and try.It is that attitude of exploration, that I am excited to re experience in the air. In other ways it feel like hearing go ahead and Trust....

I know this might not be easy for everybody. If we think to much or if we focus on the constant "self-monologue about what we do and how we do it", we might rather
stay save and perform/try just what we are used to -or what "we know we are good at".
Exploring new things in the air (or actually the overall idea of putting ourselves outside the -comfort zone-) gives you a new opportunity to experience a sense of learning, reliability, and not just in yourself but in the people around you, too.

My wish in two words for this upcoming rebirth in nature (as the days get longer!)is to go ahead and
Try something new, explore and play.
Do not allow you minds labels and judgments to keep you stagnant ( I am .. not capable, not fit, not coordinated, slow to learn, etc), and most importantly allow you body and mind to be one, even if is just for a couple of minutes a day.
It can be as complicated as taking aerial classes or it can be as simple as just- breathing, right here right now.

May this year bring more light and air in your life.
See you at the studio.