Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As the time keeps moving along and the blossoms turned into flowers, continuing the aerial practice through the summer -after a gorgeous set of performances during the student showcase in May keeps me engaged and inspired in the power of movement. Take a look and get inspired with some shoots taken by Jill's friend....

Summer heat and showers can take us through a myriad of situations, feeling hot, exhausted happy and maybe tired or frustrated at moments...the challenge though -is to keep yourself flowing...with the season...not against it.

Even knowing that whatever change is coming might make you sweat and surrender, the calmness within can keep you a float or...swinging in the air,....
with our director moving to Canada literally, following the circus... (Gregg, her husband is part of TOTEM the latest Cirque Du'Soleil production) and making a pause in her physical presence at the studio, we have to think that her movement will still
be present.

The words of encouragement for each of us as teachers, students or colleagues, the open arms to crazy ideas and the loving passion that she shares about the circus arts are staying with us as a source of energy, that will be recharged and hopefully renewed, by the time she comes back.

In the meantime, we will keep moving, up and sideways, down and around , and we will embrace her idea of the studio continuing to be a joy full free and safe place for practicing what you love the most.... circus, aerials or just the silence and calmness of the place, her place the PSCA.

See you at the studio.