Sunday, September 26, 2010

American Youth Circus Organization, two words.

One week after the America youth Circus Organization conference- and we are already getting ready for Florida in August of 2011- that is the definitely the spirit!

AYCO in two words this year at the New England Center for the Circus Arts would have to be the following: inspiring and innovative.

Inspiring because you keep seeing how the power of circus arts brings together people from different backgrounds , religions and places.

Innovative because for the first time an invitation was made to the "academia" to show the nose in the ring and take a look: the results (see detailed information at AYCO web page): participation in a circus arts program increased a sense of physical self -efficacy in Young teens. (Ooh!! and he term now- would be circademia)

As a preliminary study , I am happy to say that it showed us that journey has started, some people might like the idea of -showing with data- that what we do have a positive effect on youth- others might disagree, they want to keep the magic of the ways circus arts work their way into the human mind.

As a psychologist... and aerialist... I have not made my mind yet and I think that in the meantime my job is to spread the word, maybe collect some more data and fire up the debate so that people knows that we have more and more to talk about and play or re/play.

What I know for sure is that- because of who we are as unique individuals and as a whole community-beyond the red nose, the glitter, the juggling and the strong muscles we will find that no matter what the debate brings we will respect each other, value this upcoming "data" about circus and support the expansion of our field.

Today is "circademia" ...tomorrow it might be the hard core- science of- being other 4 words maybe: being at the circus.

See you in the air.
Enjoy the Fall.