Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last week we completed another session of Aerial conditioning.

As we had our last conversations between stretches, I was happy to hear how my students experienced the session and what were they hoping for the next one.

One particular student caught my attention through this session.
At some point she mentioned to me how she got injured from overdoing...another physical practice.
I saw her class by class, really focused, engaged- in the present
trying to do her best, but this time with a better sense of kindness to her body.

It seemed like she did not wanted to get hurt this time, so she made a choice of becoming strong through kindness to her body instead of -pushing....to the limit..of pain.

Thoughts turn into actions, emotions, physiological responses and/or -thoughts again.
Whatever path the mind goes- we do have the possibility of identifying ourselves with the positive or "stronger" part of it...

That is what I see over and over again.
That is what continues to inspire me in keep doing what I do;
promote well being- through aerial arts.

You choose though were do you want to go:
To a part of you that feels strong or to a part of you that feels defeated.

I hope that for this last session , my students thank themselves for how far they came, and realize that the transitions from where we want to be
-psychically and emotionally- have a cost...

A cost to ourselves that does not have to be pain full, but rather joy full and kind.

That is the only way that we can continue to move forward in life.

Be nice to yourself.

See you at the studio.