Thursday, December 31, 2009

Aerial Year

To all the aerialists...and aerialist to become this next year...
Keep your mind focus, your heart open and a light spirit.

Best Wishes for 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Winter Solstice , rebirth....and aerial practice.

Many different cultures celebrate around this time the Winter Solstice, meanings vary somewhat from place to place. The most important aspects of it from my perspective are the ideas of gratitude, preparedness, reflection and rebirth.

As we are about to experience Winter solstice tomorrow at 5:47pm, it makes me reflect of the beautiful moments and experiences that I had the chance to live this last couple of weeks, for example, I am working on a Silk act, (not my forte) that in spite of my "mind's instant judgment and label of not being what I do better" I decided to go ahead and immerse myself in the experience for the next weeks, or....actually maybe months.

Two interesting things I see in this new endeavor.
One is that I have no idea abut the time and place of the performance!, so there goes the all mighty planning/ is in a way better. No deadline. How often do we get to "just be" without the idea of goal- in front of us?...So I am definitely happy about that.

Two; is that I have been encouraged by wonderful women , Shana my mentor -and Kendra my current teacher to go and try.It is that attitude of exploration, that I am excited to re experience in the air. In other ways it feel like hearing go ahead and Trust....

I know this might not be easy for everybody. If we think to much or if we focus on the constant "self-monologue about what we do and how we do it", we might rather
stay save and perform/try just what we are used to -or what "we know we are good at".
Exploring new things in the air (or actually the overall idea of putting ourselves outside the -comfort zone-) gives you a new opportunity to experience a sense of learning, reliability, and not just in yourself but in the people around you, too.

My wish in two words for this upcoming rebirth in nature (as the days get longer!)is to go ahead and
Try something new, explore and play.
Do not allow you minds labels and judgments to keep you stagnant ( I am .. not capable, not fit, not coordinated, slow to learn, etc), and most importantly allow you body and mind to be one, even if is just for a couple of minutes a day.
It can be as complicated as taking aerial classes or it can be as simple as just- breathing, right here right now.

May this year bring more light and air in your life.
See you at the studio.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cabaret- more than a show

This last week end the PSCA had the Fall Cabaret.
As I sat down to write I became curious about the word, so I checked the root of the word :cabaret noun
/ˈkæb.ə.reɪ//-ɚ.eɪ/ n [C or U]
a performance of popular music, singing or dancing, especially in a restaurant or bar .a cabaret act.(Definition of cabaret noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. I kept looking for more and other dictionaries included things like "German in fluences, french, dancing and singing , even "floor work" was actually cited as related to it, but I was not 100 okay with the definition and after reading more and more I realized why.

Non of the definitions included what I felt- or what people internally experienced as they witnessed such a venue. So I decided to explore a new definition:

A moment in time were light, music , intentions and movement, allow you to go beyond the reality and see that joy can be present in a single act; on a trapeze, a silk a rope or even in the movement of jugglers and magicians. A moment where you allow yourself -to be present.

As I stand with my husband in the background, watching the acts, I observed people's facial expressions. Their open eyes, the small smiles, the high eyebrows ...
(as they saw Aaron -a young teen talent-spinning on the silk or the cord Lisse act taking their breath away)...everybody was just in awe.

After the show ended, big hugh's, congratulations and love filled the studio, from my end I was happy and content.
I guess that is what keeps people going back to aerials once they try. They can feel happy, accomplished, challenged, whatever it is-it is not just the trick, the skills, or drops that you learn, is about your ability to enjoy that moment and allow yourself to feel..or to just be fully present.
No past to wonder about or no future to worry upon.

So as I turn 35 today, I will use this nice memory as a gift.
A moment to remind me from now on that in spite of all the craziness in the real world or the pain in your mind, the possibility to stop- and immerse yourself in an aerial fantasy gives you a chance to see that is possible to find moments
of pure joy, by admiring others flying or by allowing yourself to be there-or anywhere, just -fully present.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aerial minds… in the air

So finally Nov 8 arrived and the Aerial Plus Workshop took place.

It was a great time to experience and explore the beauty of being on the traps from a different perspective. The breath became our guidance and mindful movement our company.

After a slow pace start to the music of water and soft sounds we woke up our bodies to the energy that bring us alive everyday. After that, we transitioned to the air and allowed ourselves to move and swing to upbeats sounds, kicking high, tucking in, and turning around from the one point trapeze that worked perfectly as the tool to facilitate our two hopes for the day:

Experience how Mindful movement improves performance and skills, and reconnect our Body and Mind as a source of power and well being.

The second part of the session focused on balance strength and partner balance (which I might give a second thought before trying again!). My partner Mandi, brought endless energy and a curious attitude about this different way to have fun on the traps and get to experience your body and mind at the same time. I felt inspired by the support that our director gave us from the very beginning and even happier once we reached the end of the session and encountered women talking about feeling and being better on a daily basis. That is the process that I am trying to foster.

Even if it is for one minute , or 2 hours at the time, people together with a positive attitude and movement in sync can bring a better state of mind not just to themselves , but hopefully to those who they love too.

See you soon and thanks for being there.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Hapinnes, "times two" !!

Two great things happen within the last two weeks.

The PSCA was invited to attend a rehearsal of Cirque Du Soleil : Alegria's tumbling

As I stand there admiring the jumps in the air, it make me think even further about the power of our bodies and minds and how you can defy gravity, time and space as you move. It seemed like their time stopped for three seconds or more when an artist jumped backwards and bend his back on the tumbling track, then two, three or four people coordinating movement to the sound of music brought as back immediately to that part of you that is just- content, and happy.

It was the perfect prelude to the next event.
The next workshop Aerial Mind Plus, will be held on Nov 8th at the Philadelphia school of Circus Arts.

Come and follow your breath, engage your muscles and mind, get ready for a vibrant time on the trapeze where you will warm up to the sound of music, explore the way your body feels thorough the air and master your mind as you move, for 2 hours you will:

  • Experience how Mindful movement improves performance and skills.
  • Reconnect your Body and Mind as a source of power and well being.

Bring an open mind and a playful attitude, we hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Inspired by Motion

This last Thursday I was surprised to run into a rehearsal at the PSCA studio.Two of the very best performers were together in the air on the trapeze.
The image that I kept in my mind was like this two scarfs attached to a backyard trapeze dancing to the rhythm of the wind on a Sunday afternoon in perfect harmony.

I could not stop thinking about the beauty of their movements and I asked myself; can everybody see that?....
I hope so...

And then later that day I reflected on how people often forget of their ability to move in harmony and with peace on a everyday basis.

You don't need necessarily to be a great performer or a super fit person to try a graceful movement. Just stay where you are, take a deep breath and rise your arms, bend forward or stand high and tall- anything counts!

To move our body is not just about muscles, is also about your mind, about what you think you can or can not do in times of health, or sickness.

Next time you make a step...or that you jump on a trapeze make a pause, and feel inspired to go beyond your body and fall into a relaxed state of mind, enjoy the fact that you can move- and feel inspired- just by your possibility of being able to do that step, or to do that great performance on the traps.

Enjoy this Fall.

If you are curious about the way movement promotes a healthier mind take a look here:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to Swing Forward

After a great Experience at the AYCO Festival with the Self-Mastery Trapeze Workshop,
Aerial Mind is moving forward in the efforts to make known, a unique way of approching the aerial practice.
A practice that adds a new awareness of your muscles, breath and constant "rush" of thoughts that we have as we work in the air.

Probably in November a workshop will be presented at the Philadelhpia School of Circus Arts.
As the details are being worked out, I want to invite you to visit the blog every two weeks and see if some of the topics that are intended to be discussed about aerial practice, body and mind inspire you in any way - as we wait to jump on the trapeze!

Any comments leave them here, or e-mail at

Enjoy this starting Fall.

Friday, September 4, 2009

AYCO Experience

The AYCO workshop was a wonderfull experience.
It was a place to learn, think , move and have fun- surrounded by people that believe in the Circus Arts as a way to promote magical skills and well being in the entire population.

The Trapeze Self-Mastery workshop, turned out to be an instance for people of all ages to celebrate the power of their bodies and challenge their minds in the air.
From ages 13 to 57 there was no difference in the will to jump up and try the trapeze!!
I was insipred by every one of them.

Their feedback words at the end of the workshop will work as encouragement for me to continue this adventure in the Aerial world.

"Interesting, never had a class like it"
"It was really interesting to be able to go on the trapeze and focusing on things other than strength and felxibility (your mind!). Thanks."
"A fun challenging class"

Thank you for being there.

NOTE: If you want to read more about the body and mind connection and how intentions in performance impact the experience -take a look here:

Comments are welcomed.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

An invitation

The American Youth Circus Organization accepted the proposed two day workshop for the upcoming 2009 Festival in Starrucca, Pennsylvania (August 19-23).
Aerial Mind will present the workshop " Trapeze: the power of Self-Mastery".

For details please visit : http://

The two day workshop will entail two 90 min sessions, where through work on the trapeze, discussion and proposed readings the person will be encouraged to become aware of the body and mind connection and the impact of the thought process in movement.

Participant 12 years old and up are welcome to join us, previous aerial practice will be beneficial but is not required.

Session I August 20: Thoughts and movement

Session II August 21: Trusting your body

I hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the sky to the ground...

Aerial Mind begins as a seed in my head a couple of years ago trying to combine two passions: the art of aerial practice and the background as a clinical psychologist.
On June 8 thanks to inspiring strong women, sensitive men, supportive family members and friends Aerial Mind, LLC., came to fruition.
A venture that intends to grow and provoke as a constant goal.
To grow as an idea; as practice, movement or as an inspiration for others.
To provoke; a thought - a pose in the trapeze or a change of perspective in personal reality.
From the sky to the ground, from the darkness to enlightment, the limits and possibilities are in your mind .
I am encouraging those who feel the need of having a better present, a healthier body and a peaceful mind to join Aerial Mind- a place in the sky or in the earth where you can hopefully realize that the power of changing your whole Self is -and always will be- just yours.