Friday, September 4, 2009

AYCO Experience

The AYCO workshop was a wonderfull experience.
It was a place to learn, think , move and have fun- surrounded by people that believe in the Circus Arts as a way to promote magical skills and well being in the entire population.

The Trapeze Self-Mastery workshop, turned out to be an instance for people of all ages to celebrate the power of their bodies and challenge their minds in the air.
From ages 13 to 57 there was no difference in the will to jump up and try the trapeze!!
I was insipred by every one of them.

Their feedback words at the end of the workshop will work as encouragement for me to continue this adventure in the Aerial world.

"Interesting, never had a class like it"
"It was really interesting to be able to go on the trapeze and focusing on things other than strength and felxibility (your mind!). Thanks."
"A fun challenging class"

Thank you for being there.

NOTE: If you want to read more about the body and mind connection and how intentions in performance impact the experience -take a look here:

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