Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Creativity

It is Spring already.
IT seems like having the sun up in the sky and warmer temperatures allow us to feel a change in our perceptions.

So at the studio two of teachers, Niff and Kendra, proposed something new.
Let's get a show together.

Between ideas, rehearsals, discussions and blocks along the road, it seems like we will be up and running at the end of April.

The invitation is to come and enjoy, a performance that comes from the desire of change and transformation that all of us has, wishes or hopes to attain in some area of their lives. That is the root of the name CHRYSALIS.

Different people, different apparatus- one idea that thread us as one-
allow you to see the joy of being in the air and the power of transforming yourself for one act, one time or forever.

Enjoy the show

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