Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Momentary Stop

October November and December, seemed like the blink of an eye.

We had a great workshop in October with Adam Woolley, the Phantastical Phanatical Cabaret in November
and a well deserved upcoming party for friends and staff members around the corner.

This year has been definitely a year of growth, our Director Shana Kennedy moved to Canada to join the Cirque Du Soleil venture TOTEM as a family, a new director Robin Marcotte has taken the lead with positivity and knowledge and as a circus family we continue to expand and face new challenges that we know (or I know) for sure we will be able to adjust too and support.

As I find myself teaching the last session of the season and the year, I can feel the urge to STOP.
STOP for a moment and look inside and out to see what the movement in my life and people's life brought...and I wonder...

What opportunities of growth will this next year bring?

Some growth in the circus language...will mean to learn a new trick,
some growth might mean a new sequence..
out of the ring...the studio or the apparatus.. .

Some growth might mean to learn to listen- not just to the trainer, partner or leader in your life- but listen to yourself.

In the middle of this season and the so common craze of motion -
I feel the need to stop: in the air or in the ground, to be able to look around - inside- and down... and see your entire self.

No tricks , pure you- unapologetic honest and free.

Have a good Holiday.
See you at the studio.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

American Youth Circus Organization, two words.

One week after the America youth Circus Organization conference- and we are already getting ready for Florida in August of 2011- that is the definitely the spirit!

AYCO in two words this year at the New England Center for the Circus Arts would have to be the following: inspiring and innovative.

Inspiring because you keep seeing how the power of circus arts brings together people from different backgrounds , religions and places.

Innovative because for the first time an invitation was made to the "academia" to show the nose in the ring and take a look: the results (see detailed information at AYCO web page): participation in a circus arts program increased a sense of physical self -efficacy in Young teens. (Ooh!! and he term now- would be circademia)

As a preliminary study , I am happy to say that it showed us that journey has started, some people might like the idea of -showing with data- that what we do have a positive effect on youth- others might disagree, they want to keep the magic of the ways circus arts work their way into the human mind.

As a psychologist... and aerialist... I have not made my mind yet and I think that in the meantime my job is to spread the word, maybe collect some more data and fire up the debate so that people knows that we have more and more to talk about and play or re/play.

What I know for sure is that- because of who we are as unique individuals and as a whole community-beyond the red nose, the glitter, the juggling and the strong muscles we will find that no matter what the debate brings we will respect each other, value this upcoming "data" about circus and support the expansion of our field.

Today is "circademia" ...tomorrow it might be the hard core- science of- being happy....in other 4 words maybe: being at the circus.

See you in the air.
Enjoy the Fall.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Aerial Dance ...play time!

Dancing is built within us. from the very ancient civilizations to these days, being able to move your body to the beats of musical tones has been found allover the world.

There is no difference when you include an aerial apparatus in the equation of body and music.This past Monday a group of enthusiastic and graceful young women joined the aerial improv workshop. The aerial warm up (literally- we use the trapeze to warm up too :), allowed us to get to know each other a little and infused us with some needed energy that we were going to use for the rest 90 minutes.
"Driving" the apparatus, difference between tempos and exploration of the body in the single point trapeze described different moments of fun swinging, turning and ..yea hp getting dizzy too!!
However, all new things sometimes gives us that belly/head sensation... the deal with aerials is that in spite of that- you allow yourself to stop for a moment - and then continue -to try whatever "new trick or movement" that was making you dizzy, antsy or scared.

As we moved into learning some new vocabulary and rest our hands from all the gripping, I realized that all of this Jung women had something in common, they were just curious about the aerial dance-idea.
I hope they had a chance to try something new...or get a taste to pursue further curiosity, or maybe- at the same time -I hope that they just reconnected with something that they already knew they could do: just breath and move to the beat of their hearts, just now also -
in the air.

see you at the studio, it was a great day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moving and improvising....aerials

As the summer slowly gives away to shorter days the movement on the everyday tasks keeps pulsing. The fact that days will be shorter and nights longer , send us some signs for a different type of movement in terms of our circadian rhythms and the way our mind and body work at unison.

Classes at the studio will have a small pause during this transition to Fall of 2010.

As we pause, there is an opportunity to try new things.
I am very happy to say that aerial dance improv will be one of those moments of exploration.

Steaming from my previous love of aerial dance and the most recent influence of Carrie Heller's therapeutic approach to aerials and circus arts, I invite you to come and let yourself -play. No experience necessary.

To the sounf of music , the idea is to try a new dimension of your ongoing passion for aerials or, if you are new to this venue -be taken away by something new like swinging low, integrating the space under the trapeze and hopefully noticing that "tricks" might not be the only approach to circus arts- but a sense of artistic expression from the most valuable source of improvisation- you.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Therapeutic Fun...

Circus arts therapy , PSCA next place to play!!
As the hot summer days start to warm our bodies, our mind can get a little cloudy, maybe not just because of the heat, but halfway through the year we might start to feel the consequence of a full schedule, lack of sleep and all the daily responsabilities that might leave very little for simple things that are as important as our daily food..... have some rest and some fun....even if we are in the "adult" bracket...

Carrie Heller's therapeutic circus arts has become over the last couple of years my inspiration when it comes to creativity, knowledge and self -care.
Circus Arts therapy is this beautiful hybrid between the body and mind connection, between a therapeutic opportunity and the world of circus arts. Through some talking, bouncing and swinging, every person is encouraged to find balance in their lives, emphasizing self-care, nutrition and body awareness.
Being part of the first generation team trained in Circus Arts therapy has been a tremendous experience, Brande, Marisa and Marci, plus all the staff members at the Circus Arts Institute in Atlanta, made this stay something therapeutic in itself.

I just extend the invitation to everybody , children and adults, to find some space in their lives and allow themselves to be playful ...for some that might be some time with their nephews, children or neighbors, for others it might be just to go for a walk in the park- for us- and I guess I will speak for myself and a few that I know- it is being around the Circus School....... to play , to learn, or perform, and from now on, why not - to find our own therapeutic time - which is nothing else than playful self-care.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As the time keeps moving along and the blossoms turned into flowers, continuing the aerial practice through the summer -after a gorgeous set of performances during the student showcase in May keeps me engaged and inspired in the power of movement. Take a look and get inspired with some shoots taken by Jill's friend.... http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=58143&id=1536694238&l=a284b9e113

Summer heat and showers can take us through a myriad of situations, feeling hot, exhausted happy and maybe tired or frustrated at moments...the challenge though -is to keep yourself flowing...with the season...not against it.

Even knowing that whatever change is coming might make you sweat and surrender, the calmness within can keep you a float or...swinging in the air,....
with our director moving to Canada literally, following the circus... (Gregg, her husband is part of TOTEM the latest Cirque Du'Soleil production) and making a pause in her physical presence at the studio, we have to think that her movement will still
be present.

The words of encouragement for each of us as teachers, students or colleagues, the open arms to crazy ideas and the loving passion that she shares about the circus arts are staying with us as a source of energy, that will be recharged and hopefully renewed, by the time she comes back.

In the meantime, we will keep moving, up and sideways, down and around , and we will embrace her idea of the studio continuing to be a joy full free and safe place for practicing what you love the most.... circus, aerials or just the silence and calmness of the place, her place the PSCA.

See you at the studio.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Creativity

It is Spring already.
IT seems like having the sun up in the sky and warmer temperatures allow us to feel a change in our perceptions.

So at the studio two of teachers, Niff and Kendra, proposed something new.
Let's get a show together.

Between ideas, rehearsals, discussions and blocks along the road, it seems like we will be up and running at the end of April.

The invitation is to come and enjoy, a performance that comes from the desire of change and transformation that all of us has, wishes or hopes to attain in some area of their lives. That is the root of the name CHRYSALIS.

Different people, different apparatus- one idea that thread us as one-
allow you to see the joy of being in the air and the power of transforming yourself for one act, one time or forever.

Enjoy the show

For Tickets please visit:

Or check

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last week we completed another session of Aerial conditioning.

As we had our last conversations between stretches, I was happy to hear how my students experienced the session and what were they hoping for the next one.

One particular student caught my attention through this session.
At some point she mentioned to me how she got injured from overdoing...another physical practice.
I saw her class by class, really focused, engaged- in the present
trying to do her best, but this time with a better sense of kindness to her body.

It seemed like she did not wanted to get hurt this time, so she made a choice of becoming strong through kindness to her body instead of -pushing....to the limit..of pain.

Thoughts turn into actions, emotions, physiological responses and/or -thoughts again.
Whatever path the mind goes- we do have the possibility of identifying ourselves with the positive or "stronger" part of it...

That is what I see over and over again.
That is what continues to inspire me in keep doing what I do;
promote well being- through aerial arts.

You choose though were do you want to go:
To a part of you that feels strong or to a part of you that feels defeated.

I hope that for this last session , my students thank themselves for how far they came, and realize that the transitions from where we want to be
-psychically and emotionally- have a cost...

A cost to ourselves that does not have to be pain full, but rather joy full and kind.

That is the only way that we can continue to move forward in life.

Be nice to yourself.

See you at the studio.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cold Swing

New year's eve all the sudden became Valentine's day.
I guess that is the best example of how time flies.
Classes are going well at the PSCA, people is getting stronger but most importantly they are connecting body and mind as one.
The article that we shared about "mental rehearsals" made sense for all of them and even those that read with skepticism came back later to say "maybe I will try".

That what is all about, keep trying.

It is important to practice what you preach and in that sense I had to recently review the state of my body... and my mind.
A couple of weeks ago I thought I was getting a cold. A non-expected virus took me down for more than I was ready for-I had to wait and heal. I had to NOT move and heal.I had to lay down and NOT work ,to heal.

I did not hear what my body was telling me: STOP.

For the first time since I started to work in the aerial world I felt-all the sudden that I was going to fall. Upside down on the rope, 18 feet high up on the air- tangled. Lightheaded, tired and weak in a couple of minutes. My coach brought be back with a strong and encouraging voice "come on , feet up- get up!!" I had to get up...to be able to come down safely.
And so I did.
I went home and had to rest.
I had to consciously make the decision of stopping to get better.

After lots of sleep, food and quiet time I am getting realigned again.

Valentines day is supposed to be about love, the usual "romantic love"....what about the care about yourself?

So for this day I wish you the strength to say happy Valentine's to yourself
or as I am still hearing my coach say, to come "on your feet and get up" with care, with love; from whatever tangled point in your life you are- right now;
on the ground...or in the air.

See you at the studio.