Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Aerial Year

As the year keeps moving forward so does the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts.

New projects like the green Fairy Cabaret and upcoming student showcases start to swing with every days that goes by. A rehearsal , a new idea, a movement in the creation of a character.

Have you thought about what performances that you will be leading this year? in a figurative way of course...

Playing mom, worker, lover or a thief has a different meanings depending on who you are... and where you are, regardless of that, we all have an innate -power of performing to our best -
if we decide to do so. A healthier you a kind attitude or a different relationship means effort and work.

With that positive mindset is that we are starting the year or I am encouraging to do so.

At the studio performance has the power of surprising us and inspiring us and we will continue to work together as small pieces in this big idea of a circus community.

Come and continue to have fun in the air ....or the ground with us...

See you at the studio.