Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cold Swing

New year's eve all the sudden became Valentine's day.
I guess that is the best example of how time flies.
Classes are going well at the PSCA, people is getting stronger but most importantly they are connecting body and mind as one.
The article that we shared about "mental rehearsals" made sense for all of them and even those that read with skepticism came back later to say "maybe I will try".

That what is all about, keep trying.

It is important to practice what you preach and in that sense I had to recently review the state of my body... and my mind.
A couple of weeks ago I thought I was getting a cold. A non-expected virus took me down for more than I was ready for-I had to wait and heal. I had to NOT move and heal.I had to lay down and NOT work ,to heal.

I did not hear what my body was telling me: STOP.

For the first time since I started to work in the aerial world I felt-all the sudden that I was going to fall. Upside down on the rope, 18 feet high up on the air- tangled. Lightheaded, tired and weak in a couple of minutes. My coach brought be back with a strong and encouraging voice "come on , feet up- get up!!" I had to get be able to come down safely.
And so I did.
I went home and had to rest.
I had to consciously make the decision of stopping to get better.

After lots of sleep, food and quiet time I am getting realigned again.

Valentines day is supposed to be about love, the usual "romantic love"....what about the care about yourself?

So for this day I wish you the strength to say happy Valentine's to yourself
or as I am still hearing my coach say, to come "on your feet and get up" with care, with love; from whatever tangled point in your life you are- right now;
on the ground...or in the air.

See you at the studio.