Saturday, October 3, 2009

Inspired by Motion

This last Thursday I was surprised to run into a rehearsal at the PSCA studio.Two of the very best performers were together in the air on the trapeze.
The image that I kept in my mind was like this two scarfs attached to a backyard trapeze dancing to the rhythm of the wind on a Sunday afternoon in perfect harmony.

I could not stop thinking about the beauty of their movements and I asked myself; can everybody see that?....
I hope so...

And then later that day I reflected on how people often forget of their ability to move in harmony and with peace on a everyday basis.

You don't need necessarily to be a great performer or a super fit person to try a graceful movement. Just stay where you are, take a deep breath and rise your arms, bend forward or stand high and tall- anything counts!

To move our body is not just about muscles, is also about your mind, about what you think you can or can not do in times of health, or sickness.

Next time you make a step...or that you jump on a trapeze make a pause, and feel inspired to go beyond your body and fall into a relaxed state of mind, enjoy the fact that you can move- and feel inspired- just by your possibility of being able to do that step, or to do that great performance on the traps.

Enjoy this Fall.

If you are curious about the way movement promotes a healthier mind take a look here:

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