Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cabaret- more than a show

This last week end the PSCA had the Fall Cabaret.
As I sat down to write I became curious about the word, so I checked the root of the word :cabaret noun
/ˈkæb.ə.reɪ//-ɚ.eɪ/ n [C or U]
a performance of popular music, singing or dancing, especially in a restaurant or bar .a cabaret act.(Definition of cabaret noun from the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary. I kept looking for more and other dictionaries included things like "German in fluences, french, dancing and singing , even "floor work" was actually cited as related to it, but I was not 100 okay with the definition and after reading more and more I realized why.

Non of the definitions included what I felt- or what people internally experienced as they witnessed such a venue. So I decided to explore a new definition:

A moment in time were light, music , intentions and movement, allow you to go beyond the reality and see that joy can be present in a single act; on a trapeze, a silk a rope or even in the movement of jugglers and magicians. A moment where you allow yourself -to be present.

As I stand with my husband in the background, watching the acts, I observed people's facial expressions. Their open eyes, the small smiles, the high eyebrows ...
(as they saw Aaron -a young teen talent-spinning on the silk or the cord Lisse act taking their breath away)...everybody was just in awe.

After the show ended, big hugh's, congratulations and love filled the studio, from my end I was happy and content.
I guess that is what keeps people going back to aerials once they try. They can feel happy, accomplished, challenged, whatever it is-it is not just the trick, the skills, or drops that you learn, is about your ability to enjoy that moment and allow yourself to feel..or to just be fully present.
No past to wonder about or no future to worry upon.

So as I turn 35 today, I will use this nice memory as a gift.
A moment to remind me from now on that in spite of all the craziness in the real world or the pain in your mind, the possibility to stop- and immerse yourself in an aerial fantasy gives you a chance to see that is possible to find moments
of pure joy, by admiring others flying or by allowing yourself to be there-or anywhere, just -fully present.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

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