Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September Flow

As we approach a new academic year this Sept 2011, it seems like the summer flew by.

Between Circus Camp- exciting new venues for people to try at the studio and many babies on board- we are growing and becoming more diverse than before.

The process makes me think about the ability of things to -unfold-.
Most specifically, the way things go by without our intervention or-inspite of it.

Being close to become a mom again, I think has encourage me to find a different meaning in realizing what you have or don't have control over and how that extends to life in its many different levels.

The humbling experiencing of surrender to reality- in an accepting, loving and non-judgmental way- is not easy, however with people that encourage you and remind you about the limits of your reality it is possible.At the very end is practice, practice and practice, like when you are getting ready for a performance....

The interesting thing is that actually to be able to perform and accept reality at your best you need to stay flexible and accommodate through a variety of "mini-adjustments" to stay strong in the air....or the ground. A friend of mine made me see this a couple of weeks ago and gave me a renewed perspective of stability- as constant flow, or as I always thought before -change as being the only constant in life....

My work at the PSCA will resume at some point next year 2012, Aerial Minds' activities will have a pause as I gathered new ideas , get adjusted to the changes in my life and decide how to restart slow movement after surgery.

I am open to what will come and thankful fort he people that helped to stay centered over the last couple of months.

See you soon,
Stay strong- and flexible.

Christy Gorigoitia, Psy.D
Clinical Psychologist and Aerialist

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