Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creative Learning

Creative Learning , seems to be the best way to label what has been going on over the last year in the Aerial Prep class at the studio.

People from different background and ages have “jumped” into their fears and have been able to have some positive experiences with two of the most fun circus apparatus, fabric and trapeze. Some of the goals that people have share with me include, “fitness” ,“stress reduction”, “fun”, “challenge” and curiosity….at the end of 2 months usually half of the people stays for another session, half move on to try something else- once their fears have been vanished.

Aerials can be intimidating, hanging upside down, trusting your body to hold you 20 feet into the ceiling might seems like –not possible-, but it is. Most people start with some negative self talk “can not do that”- no way… however with time they change the way they talk to themselves. There is no magic here. Trial and error, trial and perseverance, trial and commitment. And every time I find myself at the end of the session with renewed hopes: hopes of change and learning; not just about aerials but about what you can and cant do if you set your body and your mind to do so.

The only constant that I know in life is change- and my practice as an instructor has been no exception. I will be starting one on one sessions and small group work starting in March in Philadelphia and Coopersburg. The goal: change- the tool: aerials.

I wish you flexibility, tolerance and perseverance for this 2011 in body- and mind.

See you at the studio.

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