Friday, May 13, 2011

Time to be grounded

March and April went fast and all the focus at School was in "Performing".
After an amazing round of student performances and a one of a kind experince at the Green Fairy cabaret , I think most of us feel like it is time to breath.

Being "grounded" again after a good time can feel wired for some of us, at the same time it gives you an opportunity to redefine and see where do you want to go: learn about movement, challenge your body, redirect the attention of our practice- the possibilitie are endless.

I think that is the spirit at the School keep moving and exploring and allow yourself to be proud not just the day of the "show" but every day that you face.

The day might be about driving, walking or breathing the air around you.
That energy that we put on the little things will help us to accomplish the big goals.....being a Show or a simple day between -you and you- grounded.

See you at the studio.

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