Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Performance and Wellness

The flower in this picture really made me think of the perfect balance in nature and how us- so often fall out of balance not even knowing that the real tool to be able to get up and fly again is just to the reach of our hands-, by keeping an open mind and willingness to change.

This upcoming Tuesday May 24 at 7:30 pm I will be at the Lehigh Valley Sports Academy (see link below) for an Open House talk about the connection between performance and wellness adherence.

The focus will be on children, so parents, coaches and just about anybody who would like to learn about these concepts and how to work with them is welcome.

The goal of the talk is:
To provide knowledge regarding the performance and wellness interconnection
To provide the guideliens to identify signs of stress in your child
To provide behavioral strategies to address decreased perforamance in children
To allow parents to identify stregths in their children wellness status.

If you would like to deepen your knowledge about it, I will run two workshops within the next month, same time 7 :30 pm-same place.
The cost for this workshops is $30 and you can register in the following number: 610 2642208

June 7: Focused on Adults
June 28: Focused on Children

The aerial dance classes and workshops have been postponed until spring of 2012 due to my unexpected hernia -and I will keep you posted on the upcoming events related to body and mind psychology and prevention, of course always talking about the mental health from a strength based approach where the focus is on behavioral change and positive strategies to stay balance.

Have a great week.

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